Montag, 2. November 2015

Fall fuzzies

This is Maria writing - my first contribution to Mom's creative blog.

A month or two ago I spontaneously took up knitting, on account of a sudden liking for funky-colored socks. (The grandmotherly old lady who rents my valley garage out to me gave me a pair as a gift, and when I asked her for more treated me to a wild array of mismatched stockings, which mst have flipped the switch.) And seeing some patterns for very elegant knit jackets.  And the fact that Oma taught me the basics about 20 years ago so how hard could it be?


My first project was a lavender sachet:

Another lavender sachet came into being from leftover yarn and knit leaves

from this project, a simple headband with a pretty long-stitch pattern.The leaves were added to cover an area that was mistakenly knit in reverse.

No, I don't know the technical knitting term for this stitch, but here's a close-up in case you do

Having raided Mom's bag of skeins, which have been sitting around for years anyway, I found two matching balls of yarn that went into this
totally trendy cowl/neckwarmer/fuzz thingamabob, which is exceptionally good for burying one's chin in.

There were more simple practice pieces made these past few weeks, but this is enough fuzzies for one post.

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  1. Very nice first efforts! Knitting is "the" craft these days with so many cool stores selling amazing fibers. Even my small town has one.