Sonntag, 15. November 2015

Saints Triumphant

Today is Saints Triumphant Sunday and my triumph was to get through  - sometimes that is the best one can do. This weekend was stuffed. Thus no post yesterday. Nothing was extraordinary or earth shaking, just muchness. The girls and I went to see the Advent displays at our local garden center. Ooops, no pictures. We had an early church service for the young people who would be traveling, and saw them off, properly equipped. The weather has been wonderfully pleasant but is supposed to change, so I started on the winter work in the flowers, and planted some new color  - with some flowers picked up while we were at the garden center - in the holes created thereby.
This is a late season rose in our wedding color from our rose bed, glorifying the last warm days.
Some new flowers planted for the upcoming cold season.

All kinds of cooking and cleaning and baking had to get tucked in there somehow, because today we had our monthly group church service at our house with the pastor and a Sunday feast, which I did make. Ooops no pictures of the soups and baked goods and vegetables platters, but we did use and get compliments on our lovely big soup pot, for which we thank you and your creativity, Pam.

Now we are coming close to the end of the church year and the beginning of Advent. I hope that this week I can take time to start the series for the Jesse Tree. Also with Thanksgiving coming, I do hope that you all will take pictures and share your lovely feast photos and menu - and maybe a special recipe.

Blessed Sunday to all ye Saints.


  1. I have to say, that tureen is one of the best pieces I ever made (for several reasons) and I know you treasure it. I have a white (that I have never used) one and they are the only two tureens. It would be difficult to find anything as big.
    We had a lovely Sunday also ( did not know it was Saints Triumphant) with a delicious potluck meal after church with more guests than every before.
    The weather is predicted to change here also with possible snow. Picked my last rose the other day and found a stray pink holly hock also! Crazy for November!

  2. I agree on "one of the best pieces." I also agree on the unusual fine-ness of this November. We have several roses still blooming or trying to bloom.
    And I'm glad you had a good Sunday - nothing better.
    By the way, I do still intend to answer your question about the woodman.