Freitag, 13. November 2015


This morning had a series of annoyances, and when ones Beloved notices at lunchtime and wonders if you will not enjoy the evening event - the big evening event - then it is time to create time for relaxing. So, instead of bustling about scrubbing and sorting and sifting, I did what Katie did - TANGLES on leaves. My leaves were quite dry and the pens too aggressive for the surface and the designs not very tangled, so I cut out leaf shapes and tried again. I had most of one done when the family came home and bustling began again, but the little drawing time worked, and the evening event was enjoyable.
drawing on leaves, in progress, with Wood Wichtels looking on, and the unfinished painting in back

Tonight's dessert: Apfel-Rose (baked apple in pastry), Schoggimousse mit Crumbles, and Maroniparfait mit Zwetschge (frozen chestnut cream with whipped cream and spiced plum), a very delicious finale to a very fine dinner. No I didn't make it, but we all enjoyed it.
This week had a couple of skipped days here because I misplaced one camera and the other wasn't working for a bit. My boys fixed the latter, but I didn't get pictures of more glass work I did yesterday. I will show you the pieces next week, D.v., after they are fired.


  1. Pretty leaves but I was very impressed you were doing such before making a special dinner and fabulous desserts. Oh!! Lucky you, to relax, make art and then be treated to a fine dinner!

  2. Actually, I did not make the meal. I could never have taken such time if I were preparing for all that. It was Sigmund's business dinner with his company at a restaurant. But tomorrow we do have people coming for church and dinner, so off I go to clean and bake.