Freitag, 20. November 2015

Sticks and Cones

Yesterday here was the first day of the Christmas market in Zürich. So we went - well, the females did. The men stacked hay. The Swarovski Tree was as beautiful as ever, as were the displays.
The shining tree in the Christmas market in the hall of the main train station.

The tree is covered in hundreds of these crystals.
Around the tree are displays of other crystal wears....
....and works for the season.
Outside the station, in the street, a Singing Christmas tree attracted crowds. In fact, the crowds grew and grew until we had to elbow our way through to get out and go home - everybody seemed to have decided to start celebrating the season that night. Of course, a special night of shopping until ten p.m. was probably a draw, too. Advent gets special legal allowances for a couple of days for night shopping.

Then we all had dinner at our favorite place up the road, before some of our young people left to go back to the States this morning.
One plate - all were different.  This is Beef, Spätzli, mushrooms,pear with cranberry, and a sauce, traditional for this time of year.
On my morning walk yesterday, after a very windy night, I picked up fallen sticks, then today put them together in a wreath with some cone and berry accents. It may go up someplace tomorrow.
SIGH... it's not a good picture again. My boys say I must use a better camera. I think they are right . Sorry.
So yesterday was the last of our lovely mild November weather. Last night and today we had roaring winds and slashing rain. Tomorrow is supposed to see snow.
'Tis the season.


  1. Ooooo....I've always wanted to see that tree. And then I would have to take that angel home for my angel collection. I'm surprised all of that is starting so soon before Advent.

  2. This Shopping season is the biggest of the year, so the retailers and craftspeople want to get milage out of it, and each year seems to get expanded.
    Do come some Advent time - you can take the angel home, too.