Montag, 2. November 2015

Incidental and Deliberate

Hello friends, this is Pam. This is somewhat of a test post to find out the information everyone will need to post on the blogger page. What I discovered today is that the easiest way to upload a photo is to use a laptop or desktop computer. I was unable to load photos with my iphone or ipad. If anyone figures out the procedure, please let us know!

I enjoyed following the art and craft projects of everyone last year and am pleased to see that Sarah wants to continue the sharing this year, drawing connections with friends and family spread so far apart. 

My creative endeavors are not always as deliberate as Sarah's, but she is inspiring me to be more deliberate. I used to do so many craft projects when I had a houseful of children; how did I do it? I don't do so many these days. I had to ask myself, what did I do this weekend that was a creative expression? 

My first "creation" was in line with my work as a maker of wedding cakes. October 31 was my last booked wedding of the season. It was a small affair at a beautiful venue in the Columbia River Gorge on the Washington side. I drove through pouring rain (good to see after months of terrible drought here) to deliver this two tiered cake to a mountain lodge. The wedding florist left a jar of fresh blooms for me and I decorated the cake when I arrived. Artfully arranging flowers (when I don't know what they will be until I arrive) is my very favorite part of making a wedding cake. It is indeed a creative act.

When I look at a photo of a creation I always see it in a different, more detailed way than I do with my eyes. I feel that maybe this cake has a few too many flowers. I didn't even use all that were in the jar but my critical assessment is that it should have been just a bit "simpler" without the pale roses; only the red rose and ranunculas with the stock and winter berries would have been just right.

My second creative effort occupied the quiet, rainy Sunday afternoon (a first after a long, busy wedding season) and was more deliberate after Sarah's jump starting. I had started this painting a couple weeks ago and spent the afternoon finishing it. I have always wanted to paint and always admired the works of my (Boniek) friends but until just this year did not have the knowledge or confidence to paint. All my life I have done craft projects but did not paint. Now I want to paint rather than craft. 

Again, I can't help but critically assess, and I intend to go back and lessen the amount of shadow on the right side of the table. I am extremely pleased with how the base of the glass turned out and the cork.

I'm looking forward to everyone's submissions.

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