Montag, 30. November 2015

Adam and All

Advent Concert
Yesterday evening we went to our first Advent concert of the season. Stefan played with his recorder ensemble and with an ad hoc group of five - recorders, gamba, and harpsichord, in a concert of late renaissance English music. It included a couple of sopranos singing good Christian songs with the old music by very competent, well-taught young people. And it was in a church, quite plain, but church nonetheless. This was a school event, for some Conservatory classes. And nobody was offend by God.

Today our Advent person for the Jesse Tree is Adam. After Our Father God, Adam is the father of all humanity, because no human came before him, so he is at the base of the Jesse tree. For better -"in the image of God made He him" - or worse - "in Adam's fall we sinned all" - we are all children of Adam.
For coloring this one I used markers and colored pencils, with accent marks (all those lovely scribbles) in gel pens.

Verses to consider for today:
Genesis 1: 26 - 31
Romans 5: 12 - 19
I Corinthians 15: 22

 The Wood Man Again

This is the wood man in day light. To answer a previous question of his origins, The nearest we can remember is that he probably came from the Zillertal in Austria from a long ago trip there.
The wood man's current domain for Advent. On the floor are quantities of plants - still blooming - to over-winter.

The small tree is decorated with Chrismons of The Names of Jesus, from a Christmas Eve service of many years ago. In connection with the Jesse tree we remember His oft 'used name of the Son of Man.

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