Samstag, 21. November 2015

Tea and Toast

The flu has been making its rounds through schools and offices here and got Thomas this week. That necessitates tea and toast - with essential oils and rest. Today, though, had a much more special tea and toast. I had gotten up early to make sure Thom had proper food and gear for a shooting event outside and saw the gents off, but then went back to bed. Later, when I woke up, I saw a circle of stars shining at me (consequence of bad eyes and no contacts in). It turned out to be a gift from Florian: an ingenious lamp, lit by one tea light candle, whose heat then powered thermal LED lights.

And it was shining on tea and toast - with chocolates: Florian had brought up breakfast-in-bed for Mama for her birthday.
Everyone helped give Mom a pleasant day of rest, by doing chores, making special prayers of thanks for the mother they have, giving lovely cards with touching messages, making a wonderful supper and cleaning up! When Maria came here, she brought a most gorgeous scented bouquet for her mother, specially made in Mom's favorite colors. AHHHH. 

At some point today I hung the wreath I made yesterday on our front door. It isn't as fancy as Pam's, but my children made some nice compliments on it, and it only has to last until Christmas decorating time . (Don't tell me that is already in a week from now.)

This picture shows the afternoon appearance of the front porch, which is changed as of this evening. As forecast, the weather is turning winter-y. It rained off and on today, then snowed, just a touch here, but piles elsewhere, and the temperature has plummeted. So the pots came in the house tonight.

Many creative acts made a lovely day for me today, now my next creative act will have to be finding places inside for all these plants for the winter. It has arrived.


  1. Oh! What a lovely day of fun surprises! So glad your family showed their love and appreciation in creative ways! Happy birthday my dear friend! And God's richest blessings for many more!

  2. Thank you for the good wishes. It was a good day.