Dienstag, 3. November 2015

Notes and Not

It is wonderful that two of you ladies managed to figure out how to post on this site yesterday. I am glad you persevered and it worked. Thanks, Pam, for your help and insights. I tried to comment, but as of yet have not been able to get through in that area. Not sure why - will try  for help tomorrow. The other thing I didn't get done yet is to figure out how to put on patterns here. Still working on that.

Pam, your painting is well done. It looks like you put much enjoyment into your work and didn't belabor it. So, the application of paint as you want it must be coming easier for you. This is good.

It just so happened that on my morning walk, as some sun was beginning to poke through the high fog and touch all the fall colors with glowing light, that I was moved to pick up first a red twig, then a yellow leaf, and a some rosehips and blue-black berries, and a red sprig of leaves, and couple of the last flowers of the  season, until I had a handful of fall color. I hadn't a plan for it, but by the time I got home I had decided that I needed to paint them. I had not yet been on the computer and had not seen your painting, Pam, so when I   did see it, I was happy we were on the same track. I actually did start a canvas today. I have been hoping for awhile to find some concentrated time to focus on painting, but that isn't happening (which is why I have been doing crafts instead), so I will use the bits I can pull out of my days. It is good to put brush to canvas.

God is Good
Yesterday I went to take a jar of quince jelly to the neighbors as a thank you for sharing their fruit. I happened to arrive at the house just as the man was saying goodbye to his wife and leaving for work. I asked if he had put out the quinces and he said no. Oh. Now what? But he said the neighbor across the street also had a quince tree, which I didn't know, and likely put the fruit out. And he showed me her mailbox to get my jar in the right place. Now that was fortuitous - one minute earlier or later and I would have given the jar to the wrong house.

Also today, Sigmund said I should put a picture of his dinner plate on the blog as an artistic creation; so here it is, sauerkraut with apples and bacon and potato, and burger with vegetables; not very unique, but it was tasty.


Then, if anyone is looking for a project idea, suitable for anyone, including doing with children, and infinitely variable, here is one that can be as quick and easy as you like:

The materials are leather scraps, a couple of gel pens, a clothes pin, some wire or cord, quick glue, and a couple of embellishments. The base material could also be cardstock, felt, foam pieces, or stiffened fabric. The figure could be anything one likes: I like owls, but a songbird, a face, a pumpkin, a flower, even a Lego figure, or any of a number of other things could be used as the focal point.

The process: Draw a leaf (or what shape you like) about hand size on your base material and cut it out. Accent some parts with gel pens - like the veins on a leaf. Wrap the wire or cord around the stem, or make  a hole and attach the hanger.
Cut out a shape for your accent piece and decorate - I made an owl, in a couple of layers, with half bead eyes.
Paint your clothespin. Glue on the owl or other accent piece. Glue the clothes pin to base shape. Add any other decorations, like pressed leaves through the clothespin hole or stones on the wires. Hang to hold notes. Maybe do what the note says, or just look at it.....

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  1. I have to say, my favorite part is the modern man having a photo taken of his food! He's very in vogue.
    (Very colorful plate, btw.)