Mittwoch, 25. November 2015

No Pie

The day before Thanksgiving one should be making pie, at the very least. I did not. Not because we don't plan to celebrate Thanksgiving here - we do so plan, and not because we don't have a turkey. (Sigmund couldn't find one, but we do have a duck and a turkey breast, which will do nicely.) I was not preparing for tomorrow because today I was concentrating on teeth. One got pulled. Unplanned. Yes, ouch. So tomorrow will be extemporaneous.

I did finally get started on initial sketches for the Jesse Tree project. I hope to be able to get that posted here before the start of Advent.

May I request again that you take pictures of your feast and festivities and share them with us. And maybe a recipe or two, and your menu. I think I will be making the duck with an elderberry sauce, and I have requests for three kinds of pies: apple with pecans, pecan classic, and pumpkin with ice cream.
Can one eat any of that with a hole in the mouth? Ruth, I wish you well - yours was worse.


  1. Ow, bad timing on the bad tooth. I have had dozens pulled. Well, maybe not dozens, (felt like it) but, half a dozen.
    I have pumpkin pie in the oven right now and the boys each made a pie this afternoon. I'll post a picture later.

  2. Oh, what an unfortunate way to start a feast... with a hole in your mouth. Hope you heal up quickly...

  3. Belated reply: The hole is still a nuisance, but eating still happens. Holidays, you know....