Freitag, 6. November 2015

Fall decorating in Texas

Hello, ladies! We took a bit of time the past couple of days to finally get together some things
For fall decorating! Mind you, in Texas we have still been having nice sun tanning weather up until the past week. We have had some rain, too, after an apparently very parched summer...even a tornado locally last night!  Then just yesterday we finally got a bit of cooler temperatures! Thus the need for switching into fall mode. Clara, 11, likes to decorate and constantly is at something!

In the first picture Sarah posted she was still laying out her items used to make our door wreath.
The grapevine wreath is actually one given me by Dad. He made these back in the day when he pruned The grape arbor at ESA!! I still have a few undecorated ones.

On the mantle Clara really wanted to mix burlap ribbon with some shiny pumpkins and a minimal
Amount of floral.

Camilea worked on arranging the other arrangements: one on the coffee table and a few otherss
Around the house with silk flowers. I think the highstemmed pieces work!

And me? I am ok that I haven't decorated for fall!  I like it my girls take an interest and I purposefully checked other neighbors front doors and noticed the majority have not yet either!
The gray skies and cooler temperatures likely will change that soon. OR, maybe we can skip right into Christmas! The tree lighting event in our town square is only 2 weekends away!!!

Thanks everybody for following along!
Happy fall, Y'ALL!!!

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  1. How great to have a girl who loves to do the decorating for you! I enjoyed seeing your home, Ruth!
    It all looks lovely.