Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2015

Eve and After


 Today's person on the Jesse Tree is the Mother of us all, Eve. We usually only hear about or consider her in a negative light, for that fatal failure in taking the bait. But Eve had to have been a most remarkable woman. After God made her, but not before, God called all of His creation very good. The world was not complete without woman, as God took opportunity to demonstrate to Adam. He had only some of God's qualities that humanity needed, and she was given the rest. So it truly is not good that man should be alone. Nor woman either, as she was made for him.

And she was also made perfect. Think what that means: fit, strong, perfect skin and nails, even temper, intelligent, gorgeous hair, and all those qualities we women strive for, too often without success. She also had to have been a productive worker, because that was a pre-curse blessing. When we reflect on the multi-century life spans of those days, we can surmise that she bore and raised at least a couple of dozen children. That is commendable if anything is. Then afterward, she did what God commended to older women, teaching the younger. She, like Adam, probably lived almost to the time of the Flood also, so she had the heartbreak of seeing the continuing apostasy of her descendants. But we can be confident she kept the faith, given to her personally after her fall, and which she declared with the birth of her first child, Cain. She didn't hold the Saviour then, but she knew He would come. That is a woman worth remembering and a mother worth having.

Verses to consider today:
Genesis 1: 27, 28, 31
Genesis 2. 18 -25
Genesis 3: 20, 4: 1, 25, 26
Proverbs 31: 10 -12, 25 - 31


Here is an invitation to all you virtuous women who are clothed in strength and honor, the fruit of whose hands praise you in the gates, to share some of your fruits here, and we too will praise you in the gates. If anyone needs posting information again, let me know, or send your things to me and I'll post them for you, if you prefer.

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