Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2015

Sarah and So


A lovely name, is it not? The Sarah of the Jesse Tree was lovely herself, and virtuous, and faithful. She did try to help God along at one point, and all the world has suffered for it ever since, but she is commended for her faith. And eventually, after having to wait a very, very impossibly-long time, she got her heart's desire. There is the lesson.
And Sarah laughed.

Verses for today:
Genesis 11: 31; 12: 5; 11, 14; 16: 1, 2, 8, 11, 12; 17: 15 - 19; 18: 6, 9 - 15; 21: 1 - 3; 23: 1
Hebrews 11: 11
Romans 4: 18 - 21
I Peter 3: 5, 6
Isaiah 51: 1 -3

Advent Calendars

The windows for today had this picture

(It is right side up this time.) Goodies spilling from a Chlaus Sack.

and this story
The classic story of sacrifice to get a great desire. She got her legs.
But she didn't get her love. The story ends with her becoming an angel.

Old ornaments from our early years, on the stocking garland.

I am hoping to get Mary's pictures here soon for you to see her handiwork.

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