Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

Mary and Merry


The final figure for the Jesse Tree's family of Jesus is Mary, His mother. Like so many people of Jesus' family, Mary is a remarkable person, and exemplary.While she did fuss a bit over her Child not staying close in a crowd, and taking His time with helping at a wedding, and having to get through masses of people to see Him, none of this was sin per se; she was just doing what mothers do. More importantly, she was humble and accepting of God's will. She did not dispute or question in unbelief when extraordinary things were brought to her. She did not ask for special treatment when she knew she had been given special favor. She rode the donkey and made the journey and gave birth in the less-than-ideal place where she found herself. She accepted her Son as her Savior and carried the mother's pain of his life and death. She did not honor herself, but we honor her for her example to us, as the "handmaid of the LORD."

Verses for today:
Isaiah 7: 4
Matthew 1: 18 - 23
Luke 1: 26 -39, 46 - 56; 2: 5 - 7; 19, 33 - 35, 48, 51
John 2: 1 - 5

Advent Calendars

Behind one window was this picture of the Wise Men already on their journey to seek the King. No hesitation for them - first things first.

The storybook for today was this:

Hans had finished his apprenticeship and collected his pay to go home. Pay was a chunk of gold, which was heavy, so he traded it for a horse, then each for something worth less, until he only had a large rock, which fell in a well, so he considered himself well- rid of it, and went happily home empty- handed. If one doesn't know he is a fool and is content with what he gets, then he can be happy. I think this shouldn't mean that if one does not consider himself a fool that he can be discontent.   


The Advent preparation time is finished today, the Day is at hand, and Festivities begin tomorrow. The travelers are returned. The service is written. The feasts await.

At the front door.

Front door garland

Christmas tree in the morning sun

A lovely hand-made card for us, arrived today. Thank you, Michelle and Tony!

What we all need - and can have -

Stocking Garland in the kitchen

Dining room wreath, from over two decades ago - it has traveled far.

A business gift - the two-legged mice have been nibbling on the goodies
Another business gift, made with a liqueur creme and caramel and a meringue-y layer and pastry and almonds and deliciousness

Greetings to all and thanks for sharing the road to this day.


  1. Lovely decorations. I can't believe it's Christmas already! This month went by exceptionally fast for some reason (to me). Thank you for the Jesse Tree, I learned a lot and enjoyed it very much. It provided a daily meditation. Now, it must become a book! (Alyssa said the same thing when I first showed the posts to her.)

  2. Wow, I sure home some of those edibles are still around when I get there this afternoon... Those sausages look good.