Montag, 14. Dezember 2015

Tamar and Cards


Today's figure for the Jesse Tree is Tamar, not a well- known person of the Bible, probably because you wouldn't read her story to children. Her son Pharez (one of twins) becomes a progenitor of the Savior, but the circumstances of his birth, by what amounts to prostitution, though for an honorable cause, are less than savory. This is another story of abundant grace. Tamar is noted more than once in the Bible, so she is not intended to be pushed under a rug. She took extreme measures to get what was promised to her, but not delivered. In those days, she needed the benefits of the promise and likely had a hard life without. We can't condone her plan, but God forgave and blessed.

Verses for today:
Genesis 38
Ruth 4: 12, 18 -22
Genesis 46: 12
Matthew1: 3
Luke 3: 33

Advent Calendars

Behind one window was this picture

and behind another was this storybook

The story is about a boy who terrorizes the world around him, then goes off to be a pirate, drinking eight liters from a barrel every night and picking fights with sharks, until he finally gets his come-uppance and settles down, no longer mean.


This weekend and today have been for the mailing of Christmas letters, and for some cards. I made these this morning - not much time available:
Colored pencils, metallic gel pen, and stamps


  1. Those cards sure are pretty for being done on a shoestring time-budget, Mom. Do I get one?

  2. Hmmm. Why not?
    And, thank you. These are very small creative efforts, that nonetheless feed the soul - I so need that in busy times.

  3. Thanks, Amber. Your work is beautiful, too.