Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2015

Rahab and Packages


Today's figure for the Jesse Tree is Rahab. She did not have a decent occupation, nor was she of the Chosen People, but she acted on the information she had that the Great God was going to do great things, and by that faith she was saved and all her household. More than that, she was taken in to the family of God's people, married one of them (Salmon), and was given the great honor of being in the human line of the Savior. Now isn't that a good reason to let oneself be inconvenienced for others sometimes?

Verses for today:
Joshua 2: 1; 6: 17, 25
Ruth 4: 20 -22
Matthew 1: 5
Luke 3: 32
Hebrews 11: 31
James 2: 25

Advent Calendars

Behind one window today was this picture:

and in the other was this storybook:

Take a look at the addition to Kat's post. It has the finished piece posted in it now.


'Tis time for making these, but not much time left.

Note the top right package, and see below.

A couple of little packages got some of these made for them, for somebodies' darlings.

And the best of all...
As nice as the inside will be, this Mom treasures the outside as much, newspaper wrapping and notepaper and all.


  1. Your commentary on the Jesse Tree has been so informative for me. I am learning so much! I had no idea Rahab was in the lineage. Fascinating. The individuals are really coming alive for me as I imagine their journeys through the sinful world to take their place in a historical record so important to so many. Your efforts in this project, as well as your knowledge, Sarah, are much appreciated.

  2. Oh, thank you, Pam. I wasn't sure if anyone was finding any of this interesting - although I am doing this also for our Christmas Eve service, so it doesn't matter if no one else read it. But I am glad you have. I find it fascinating, too, how nothing is God's world is an accident or meaningless.

  3. It also emphasizes the truth of the passage that God will work all things together for good for those that love Him.