Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015

Crafts from Kat

The beginning of the little Nativity center piece! There is a pipe cleaner wreath to go around the base and those are plastic gems I bought at the Zurich Christmas market. I am still looking for a plate for the larger base. 
The finished creation! Still looking for a plate. 

A few weeks ago I had a friend over with time to spare so we took a bunch of wine corks (I asked a winery for all their corks they were going to toss! (Yay recycling) and we made trivet pads (hot pads) in the heart shape, and I got adventurous with a giant letter K! I only used a hot glue gun and patience and the letter K is still standing. 


  1. Thanks for showing your works and in-progress works, Kat. I like your trivet idea and have a pile that could be put to use.
    If you can't find a plate that has a flat bottom for your Nativity, you might want to try thick piece of wood, or an upside down thrift store bowl, or a candlestick as a pedestal, or any other interesting mount, with or without greens and ornaments around the base piece. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Surprise! It has a finished picture,too. Thanks for posting it, Kat.
    My eyes are not so good, so I hope you don't mind if I enlarge the picture, to see your details.

  3. I like the cork letter. Do you think it would hold up if you doubled or tripled the lines and made it fatter, more substantial?