Freitag, 4. Dezember 2015

As Old As Methuselah


Even the Biblically illiterate might know Methuselah. Record holders often attain that fame. We know nothing more of him than his great age of 969 years,and his status as an ancestor of Jesus, but we can surmise with some likelihood of accuracy. He lived from shortly after creation to just before the Flood, so he saw the development of humanity - the agriculture, the city building, the invention of metal work and music - and devolvement of humanity into ever more violence and wickedness that led to its destruction. He could tell Noah and his sons stories of all that history and knowledge, so they had it first hand from him and could preserve it when they started humanity over after the Flood. Methuselah was the  great link. We all are links in the chain of faith and skills and bloodlines, and can see from Methuselah how vital each person's role can be that the chain not be broken.

Verses for today:
Genesis 3: 21 - 27
Luke 3: 37
I Chronicles 1: 3

Another Old Story

Today's Advent calendars showed this:

and this little book.

"In this Story are 7000 birds, a Zauberin (female magician), a dear pair, and a red flower, and begins like all proper tales with a castle and a forest and Once upon a time.

The magician liked to change things into other things: men trespassing in her forest into non-movers, and girls into birds. She would change herself into a cat or owl during the day. When Jorinde and Joringel got lost in her forest, she changed them too. Joringel wanted his Jorinde back and eventually had a dream about a red flower that would do that. So he found the flower and changed everything back, including the magician back into a normal human that didn't bother others. The conclusion, "And in this time can one be certain that a cat is a cat and an owl an owl and a sparrow a sparrow."

Good to know.

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