Montag, 21. Dezember 2015

Maria's Fine Friends

 This is from Maria - the Christmas spirit reigns.
My garage, two valleys over from the mountain I live on and about 
500 meters lower, is neighbor to a lovely family of five: the 
car-fixing, tool-lending dad, the garden-growing, food-fixing mom, and 
three wonderfully polite and helpful boys, who have more than once helped
me get a motorcycle on or off my truck. I write them a card every 
Christmas with my best wishes and thanks for their help and kindness.

This evening, when I was trading vehicles at the garage -
 a motorcycle that goes to work, for a truck that goes home to the mountain -
 the mom of that family caught up with me and 
returned the sentiment, together with a box of homemade truffles.
They sure are good...

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