Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2015

The Fifth Day of Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Five Gold rings,
Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And  partridge in a pear tree.


Maria got a lovely gift from a friend in the States. It is a little lamp from a craftswoman, and the lamp is made from egg shells. Quite creative.

Frost and fog

I know I already showed photos like these, but one can enjoy Beauty more than once, I think. These are from my walk this morning. It is cold outside these days.

The mailbox greens

Frozen spiderwebs

Spring colors, but not spring.


This was the "lighter" fog when I started. By the time I returned, I could not see any indication of our house until I was about fifty yards from it - very heavy fog.

The brave sun when I started walking. It gave up after awhile.

Ah, the glow.

Sugared leaves.

At one point, when I turned from one road to the next, I saw a blinding steam of light from a house across the field. A step or two this way or that and the light was absorbed by the heavy fog. But at just the right angle the sun must have caught the window reflections and set them afire. This was totally gone when when I got back; in fact the house was invisible in the fog.

Light streams through the fog - for just one moment, from just one spot.

Twisty frost

Such pretty colors in such a small spot.
This why we take walks, isn't it?

Remnants of autumn.

The low sun catching some weeds at the edge of a plowed field. God likes the little things, too.

Song soon

The Christmas song will have its own post. Coming when technician is ready.

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