Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2015

Bathsheba and Beads


The figure for the Jesse Tree today is Bathsheba, the lady whose bath changed the course of history.
When gents are not out doing what men ought to be doing, they can get into trouble. The Bible says that "at the time when kings go out to war" David was lounging around at home peeking over his roof at the neighbors. Obviously this is a set-up for disaster. And so it was. He committed adultery - whether she protested or not is not said, but she did not have much choice in the matter. Then David murdered her husband to try to cover up his sin, but God threw his miserable attempt back in his face, and took their child from them.

But as always, God's mercy is great, and when He takes something away to admonish us, He gives back something better. For Bathsheba and David that was their son Solomon.

Verses for today:
II Samuel 11, 12: 1- 24
Matthew 1: 6 (Here Bathsheba's name is not mentioned, only the sin that resulted in grace.)

Advent Calendars

Behind one window was this picture of the Advent Wreath with all four candles lit for today, the fourth Sunday in Advent.

and the storybook was this:

It is about two daughters, the one good and beautiful and the other ugly and lazy. The good one had to do all the work and happened to have to go jump in a well to retrieve a spindle she dropped. At the bottom she found an old woman, Frau Holle, who asked her to stay and help shake out the feather beds. This the girl did until she asked to go back home. Frau Holle gave her pay of a rain of gold. Naturally the other sister did the same, but didn't help and was paid in a rain of tar.

Beads for Christmas

At a home where we were for church today was this beautifully decorated tree. It had no lights or candles, but did have many family mementos and treasures accumulated over the years. I particularly like the wooden bead garlands.

And every year this family makes a gingerbread house - which I have been reminded we have not yet done at our house.

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