Samstag, 5. Dezember 2015

Noah and Sisters


Did Noah have sisters? I have no idea, but I have sisters. Wonderful sisters. This morning I got an envelope from one of them in the mail. I understand the package was sent awhile ago and was intended for my birthday, but I like packages any day, so that's all right. My sister knows a little fancy of mine. Thanks, Elisa!

Today is also another sister's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY. I wish you a lovely day and time to enjoy it.


Back to Noah. He is our figure for today for the Jesse tree. Noah has many mentions in the Bible (more than twenty) as both the second father of humanity, including Jesus, after God wiped out the sinful world and started over, and as a model of saving faith.

Verses for today:
Genesis 5: 28 -32
Genesis chapters 6 - 9
Ezekiel 14: 12 - 20
Hebrews 11: 7
I Peter 3: 20
II Peter 2: 5
Luke 3: 36

Advent Calendars

In the windows today were this picture of Lebkuchen

Does anyone make Lebkuchen or want a recipe? There are many variations.

and this story.

The story is of a couple who has seven sons, then a daughter is born. But the baby is weak and they want her baptized immediately, lest she die unbaptized. They send the boys to the well for water, but the boys break the pitcher goofing off and fear to go back. Because they delay, the father wishes them all to be ravens, which promptly happens.

The girl lives, eventually finds out about her brothers, and goes all over the world to seek them. She finds them on a glass mountain and restores them with a ring from her parents, and they all go happily home. There are many nice messages in this story.

Christmas Cards and Gifts, and St. Nicholas

At this time of year I typically make various cards for people in causes we support. If one does not know the people first hand, whether they will throw away written messages shortly after getting them, then I don't put a great deal of time into the making, but keep it simple. Like this one I ,made today:

Paper punches are handy.      

 We are also starting to receive Christmas cards and some gifts from businesses that the menfolk work with.
We enjoy these.
Don't forget - tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day. Celebrate! Cookies, oranges, and nuts, with poems, are all required. And reflection on the year past.

A special regional pastry gift filled with pears, raisins, and nuts, from a business.

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