Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2015

Isaac and I hope


Today's figure for the Jesse Tree is Isaac, long-awaited, promised son of Abrahan and Sarah. He is a "type" or prefigure of Christ, as a son offered in sacrifice by his father. He is also a "type" of all of us, saved by a ram, as we are saved by the Lamb. He then grew up to be the progenitor of two family lines, one of which led to Jesus.

Verses for today:
Genesis 21: 1 - 6 (and following)
Genesis 22 - 28 esp. ch 22
Luke 3: 34

Advent Calendars

Today's windows showed this picture that might make us wish for snow. We have rain today, and sons are asking where is the snow.

The other calendar had this storybook:

The clever tailor figured out how to get others to do his too-huge task for him, while he got the great reward and approbation for the accomplishment.Lesson: use your wits.


I hope to get Mary's pictures here soon. I hope to make some glass works today and have pictures of them. I hope we see what some of you are doing this season. I hope to get my Christmas letter finished and off soon, then three Christmas services prepared, plus all the other miscellaneous preparations awaiting attention.

This is from a pretty little Christmas book about the "Christrose" blooming in the Advent snow:

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