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The figure for today for the Jesse Tree is Boaz, the Kinsman Redeemer. Every person in the line of Jesus with a story in the Bible in some way has a lesson, is type for emulation or admonition (or both), or is an example of God's abundant grace. So also is Boaz. In the custom of the time, the closest relative of a dead man could acquire the rights of property and inheritance of the deceased, which sometimes included the right to marry the widow to raise offspring to the deceased's name. Boaz, the next in line for inheritance, bought, that is redeemed from another, the inheritance rights of Naomi's property from a closer relative and the marriage rights to the remaining marriageable family member, Ruth, so the family name and land would stay in the family.  Would that we were so conscious of family and home plots these days, and not seeing ourselves only as autonomous individuals without duties to line and land. As family ties weaken, so does the strength of individuals, and reciprocally so increases the power of government, (because somebody has to manage competing claims for rights, and if families with customs don't, then bureaucrats with rules and whims will).

Verses for today:
Ruth 2: 1, 4 - 17
Ruth 4: 1- 13, 21
Matthew 1: 5
Luke 3: 32

Advent Calendars

Behind one window today was this picture

and the storybook was this:

It is about a fox and rabbit discussing ears. The fox asks why the rabbit's ears are so long. The rabbit says to hear better. The fox says he hears fine with short ears. The rabbit says he can hear better, so much so that he can hear the grass grow. The fox is skeptical until he puts his ear to the grass, and listens. The rabbit laughs at him, but when the fox says he really did hear the grass grow, then the rabbit puts his head down to the ground to listen too.

And Angels

My little projects are not ready for pictures, but try this puzzle. You need to find seven differences between the pictures. Some are pretty tricky. I'll send an angel to anyone who finds all seven and writes me by the end of the week an e-mail with the answers.

Despite the less-than-optimal quality of the photo, all the differences are visible in this picture here.

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