Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2015

My Holiday Decorations

From Pam in Oregon

On December 5 I finally played the Christmas music to set the mood and decorated the house for the season.

I started by gathering greens from my yard to make a wreath for the door. I planted a holly bush many years ago, and while it has grown substantially, until this year it had not produced many berries. The holly branches just aren't quite right without the red berry.

The wreath is not large but I was pleased with the effect of the natural berries. I added some miniature glass ornaments.

Every year I open the boxes and arrange the contents just a bit different than before.

The garlands go in the kitchen above the cabinets, along with natural pine cones (they grow large in the Great Northwest).

This year I decided to display my growing angel collection on the windowsill above the sink.

I like this little nook above the cabinets (I designed this cabinet arrangement many years ago intentionally for the display space). It houses my collection of antique pottery and glass. It's due for a good cleaning in the new year.

This is the new dining table arrangement for the season. Love my automatic candles!

This morning we awoke to our first blanket of snow for the season. My boys begged for a "snow day" from school, suited up and disappeared outdoors for the entire day. It would be lovely to have a white Christmas but tonight it is raining again. More snow is predicted but.....we'll see....


  1. That wreath is beautiful. Homemade wreaths and garlands with live leaves, flowers and berries are so much prettier than storebought variants.

  2. I second that comment and compliment. Pam, you do such beautiful decorating. So lovely and elegant.
    I was happy to note all the paintings on your walls, too. Yours?
    I think I see space for another couple angels in your collection.... and it looks like you might need some more tree candles for your wooden "pyramid" - or do you have a supply?
    Here's hoping for snow.

  3. The small paintings in the kitchen are some I have collected over the years from a local artist that I like very much. She paints one of those small paintings every single day. She sends out an email every day showing what she has done. She also has a blog where she posts the daily paintings. Look at it here, I know you will like it as much as I.
    I have enough candles for the carousel for this year but I may need more for next season. We're so happy to have them again!

  4. Thanks, Pam. I looked at the painting-a-day blog collection and it is inspiring. I want to do that.