Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2015

Joseph and Joy


Joseph is an admirable man. His name means an increase or addition, which he was in Jesus' life, a necessary increase to His mother and Himself, to provide and protect and husband. He was dignified and dutiful and faithful. Not a negative word is spoken of him, in the mere dozen times he is mentioned in the Bible. He could have had an excuse for anger or censure. He could have expected his betrothed to be a good girl, chaste and decent, and not apparently to give herself to some random man, when she had promised herself to him. Before Joseph even got the grand explanation, he set about to treat his fiance honorably, though he thought he had been used abominably. When Joseph got the explanation, he simply accepted it in faith, though he still had to deal with the consequences from those around him who would assume the worst. He did what he ought, Blessed Joseph.

Verses for today:
Matthew 1, 2
Luke 2
Luke 3: 23

Advent Calendars

Behind one window today was this angel, evidently reminding us that trees should now be decorated.

The storybook was
This story is about a raven that finds a piece of cheese for his lunch, but falls prey to the flattery of a fox and loses it.


After a long night last night, I am on the homestretch to getting the Christmas Eve service done. This is good, because much else also is waiting on its completion. I will include it on Christmas Eve's post, if anyone wants to read it.

At dinner today we needed to see whether a business gift box had something perishable in it - you know, one mustn't let things spoil.

Well, it wouldn't have spoiled, but because it was open, it needed to be sampled. These cookies look like normal cookies, but they tasted extraordinary: light, buttery, goodness.

With some of yesterday's walk collection, I covered the top of the bare metal mailbox. It pleases my eyes and pleases my aesthetics to have something there - without having had to expend time I don't have. I think it could use a little figure, like a gnome or angel, but my gents are probably glad I don't have time for that - one must be sophisticated here, even with whimsy.

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