Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2016

And the Winner is....


So, ladies all, I am back here for a bit. The trip was good, and I will have pictures of lovely places to share with you - coming up. I am not at home, but my darling children and sundry other dear souls conspired together to get me a Mothers Day gift to bring me into the modern world. Some of you will be happy that your insistent "get one!" is now gotten. I am not yet proficient with the gizmo, but am learning, bit by bit.

But, for today, we need to find a winner for the Mothers Day contest. We had eight entries, which names went into a bowl -

From which one was drawn, God's choice -

AND I find out I don't have a good enough connection to upload pictures. Bother. Sorry, this will be picture-less. But I did have a name drawing-

...which turned out to be...


Don't forget we still have a contest running on making something from re-purposed materials. These are due at the end of this month. Don't throw those interesting things away; make art!

Tomorrow I should have help with internet connection. Pictures then, D.v.

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