Samstag, 21. Mai 2016

Travels Continue

More Pretty Places

Outside of Gruyere was a river gorge with a hiking trail that led to a dam. We hiked it. I happen to get the heeby-jeebies crossing bridges, especially ones that sway or are very high or have handrails that wobble - all of which applied to the bridges along the way there - but I survived and the views were worth the bridge jitters. It helps to have a supportive husband.

The start, simple enough and scenic

with pretty flowers

leading to this peaceful pond in the river
and up ahead...

... the first tunnel. Note the niche on the left. It is St. Barbara, patron saint of miners. These tunnels and trails were constructed by army engineer troops.

This is an opening in the tunnel to let in light at a curve.

And then came the first bridge.

"Concentrate on the views."

I survived.

It's a long way down, and we went higher and higher.
The trail along the slope was pretty.

So was the river.

Steps were O.K.

Then tunnels and bridges again.
Yes, really.

One down, one to go.

I did it.

A lot more walking, then we were almost to the end and we see the last bridge below. Take a deep breath.

Did it. Crossed the bridge. Climbed out of the gorge. And see the dam and its lake. This was built early in the 1900's. Of course one has to do it all in reverse afterward.

We stopped also at two more medieval towns, one of which had a glass museum in its castle, which we toured. (You saw my sketches in the previous post. It happened that the old stained glass window from the reformed church by us - where our boys regularly practice organ - had its center panel in the workshop of that museum. It is of Christ as the Good Shepherd, in the turn-of-the century style, so got replaced by some modern non-representational geometric panels. At least they didn't just trash the old one.)
The castle in Romont. The glass museum was in here. The archway was the portal to draw up or let down.

These are the ramparts of the wall around the town of Romont. On the right you can see the gardens behind the houses up the hill. The farmland is far below the wall on the left.

Flower boxes along the streets in town.

The castle entrance

In the courtyard, some old parts, some new.

Inside the portal looking out.

Courtyard glass exhibits. These are hands holding various "virtues." Very creative and well done.

These are giant glass maple seeds hanging in the tree.

A modern stained glass window in a town church.

Sections of the nave.

A wedding chapel in the church, outfitted for a ceremony

A stone pulpit

A Pentecost First Communion cake in a bakery window. Young people are typically confirmed on Pentecost, called Whitsonntag.

A door knob, just because beautiful is good.

 Still to come: another medieval town and "how long does it take a to climb ninety-four stairs."


  1. That looks like an exciting hike! Also, I love pretty little details, like the door-handle.

    I am just catching up here after being gone for the last week. We had a little family getaway "Up North" this last week. :-)

  2. Thanks, Katie, and welcome back. Vacations are good. Scenic pictures?

  3. Gorgeous hike! Looked dangerous, but the view was probably totally worth it! Thank you for sharing!