Sonntag, 22. Mai 2016

Trinity and Layers and a Long, Long Way

Blessed Trinity Sunday

So we all have a feast on this feast day, right? Here, we made a three-layer dessert: bottom of crushed butter cookies (our version of Graham crackers) and chopped Basler Läckerli (a spice cookie with citrus peel), middle of vanilla pudding from raw milk and raw sugar, and top of spiced apple and rhubarb. The eating populace approved it.

The dessert. We recently tried a another new recipe with rhubarb: a savory pastry with chicken and rhubarb, and an egg/créme fraiche/onion/herb top that we think is a keeper.

Maria got to eat hers later. She went with a co-worker to try a 100-kilometers-in-24-hours march yesterday and today. A little crazy, yes. But she is one tough cookie and did 91 of those kilometers in 22 hours. The scent of wintergreen salve still hangs in the air.

She walked from the other side of Zürich to and along the Albis and along Lake Zürich about to these mountains in Glarus. This is what they looked like at 6:30 in the morning going to pick her up.

The last steps on aching feet to go check in and check out. Then Mama took care of her.


  1. Yikes, that's a long walk...

    No feast here, really. Popcorn and leftover birthday cake for supper, anyone? (We did have lunch with friends after church, though...)

  2. Yes, a VERY long walk, one she doesn't plan to do again soon.
    Your supper sounds like it would be instantly approved by your eating populace.