Montag, 16. Mai 2016

Travel Pictures II


Today is Pentecost Monday. We enjoyed a holiday - no work, no school - with family time, an excursion by boat to Rapperswil for two, a guest, and dinner with travel stories by Maria. I hope we can get some of her pictures here for you to see.

Gruyere Continued

Following are more pictures of the small city, the church, the pretty little gardens and doorways, and some details.

Some old stately houses

A grave marker in the churchyard

Various kinds of markers - the wooden ones are temporary, before the sites get stones

Inside the church: note high altar, two side altars, and the raised pulpit on the left

The pulpit with two of the four depicted evangelists, as typical of pulpit decoration. They represent the Gospel preached from the pulpit.
An edge of town

Somebody's small sitting garden

A lot of color in an otherwise hard stony corner

A pretty doorway with Easter decorations still up 

This is how one locks his house door

Nooks and crannies

The view out ones hotel window

"Or else!" A sign at the entrance to town.

Ones dinner needed to include the regional cream and Gruyere cheese - here in the soup, with hand carved spoon and crane motif.

A window in the wood carver's shop. Note the thickness of the house walls.
 That is all for today. Next time: inside the castle.

This is the well house inside the castle courtyard. A running fountain is on its left.
I hope you all had a lovely Pentecost.

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