Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2016

Wonderful Wednesday from Katrina, and Contest Note

Katrina's Creations

(With her prize piece, Katrina also got a packet of various colored paper shapes, with which to make things, which she did - ) Her mother writes:


Here is a peek at what Katrina has been using the package of goodies to make...

Cards... at first she was worried that she got more than she was supposed to as some of the paper wasn't even from her picture, but I assured her you did that on purpose.

She cut freehand with scissors. In retrospect at least the card itself she would've used the paper cutter, but she is pleased with the product.
She used the cut outs of the horse and tulip from her picture as a stencil to add the silver horse and tulip borders in gel pen. 
A picture in the style of what she received

An imaginative landscape

A detail

A detail

"You are welcome. Good work, showing lots of creativity."
Contest Note

To All Patient (or Impatient) Readers:
The Contest Manager has been away for a trip, but is now briefly returned. The prize drawing - usually done the day after entry due date - should happen tomorrow. Watch here. No idea when, but sometime.
Thanks to everyone who posted. Inspiring works!

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