Montag, 9. Mai 2016

More Mother's Day Flowers

I had a very busy weekend with my brother's wedding and family friends over for a Mother's Day backyard picnic and campfire. The week leading up to it was busy with the baking and icing of forty dozen cupcakes for a crisis pregnancy center fundraiser. My creative efforts were otherwise minimal. 

Every Mother's Day I prepare the same gift for my mother who lives in a small house behind our house; that is to plant a pot of flowers on her porch to beautify the entrance to her home. Since the porch is covered it is very shady so the flowers are shade loving varieties. This year I chose white begonias with an dramatic accent of an angel wing begonia, a red dracaena for height and a chartreuse sweet potato vine to trail over the side. While the vine and dracaena like sun, they should be satisfied with the morning rays the porch gets. This planter will fill out and look much more beautiful as the summer comes on.


I loved the flowery creation of Katie's fabric scraps and it is on display in my kitchen until I move it to a permanent place on a wall. My other daughter, Alyssa, also created flowers for mother in the form of a pop up card. She is very good at making special cards with cut out and folded papers and decorations. She said it was fun to make. (Please enter Alyssa's name in the contest too.)


My one creative effort (aside from decorating cupcakes and planting live flowers) was a bit of sewing for my brother's wedding. There had been a plan for guests to give a "piece of fabric" for a quilt that the bride will make sometime. Not too many guests heard about the plan so there wasn't much participation. I didn't want to just give a piece of fabric so instead I made a quilt block that represents the Oregon home town where my brother spent the last half of his youth- the fruitful Hood River valley with the majestic Mt. Hood in the background. I used all scrap fabrics from my stash and it is mostly hand appliquéd and sewn with a few parts done on machine. The bride and groom were pleased with it.

Sarah wanted me to let everyone know that she is on a short excursion with her husband for a bit of respite. She will check in when she is able and there will be blogposts in the mean time.

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  1. Thank you, Pam.
    Those are beautiful gifts you made and received.
    Note taken of contest entries, too.