Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016

More Finals

From Leah --

These three pictures are a set of 3 different color schemes and are finals for Color Theory class. Finally finished them! They will each have a mat on them. They definitely did not work out the way I planned, but I guess they look alright. I like the one in the middle best. It looks the most like paint. Anyways, it was a very interesting experience!

Here are some close-ups:

This is my final I've finished in Anime class. Like my sister said, our cousins introduced us to this farming video game and we loved playing it once in a while. First we drew it out with pencil from a reference, then used a drawing pen to outline it, and colored it in with colored pencil. These characters are all so cute and I think this picture turned out really adorable!

This is my final I have finished for Color Pencil class. I love eyes. So I chose to do a big green eye for my final. And it's amazing to see how wonderfully God has created each and every little thing! There were many little details here and there, but it was quite fun, and worked out pretty well! I think it looks best from far away.

From Sarah --

I'm pretty much finished with this Figure Drawing class project. It just needs a final look by the teacher to see if anything more can be done to it. The water was really hard to get. A classmate lent me her tool to make the littlest white droplets. You press the ball-point tip into the Bristol paper, leaving a tiny indent that stays white when you shade over the area lightly with the side of the pencil.

My Portrait class project is of my little (tall) brother Mark. The mistakes and crookedness are driving me so nuts that I told Leah if I ever do another portrait, I'm going to pick someone I do not know for the subject, so that I will not feel guilty about making them look weird. It turned out well enough that I'm okay with it in general, though.

This week will be our last week of classes! Wow.

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  1. Super! All your works show a lot of development and care and promise of more good things to come. Thank you for showing the details and explaining the techniques like the droplets.
    I do hope that with your classes done you will continue to put the same amount of effort into your personal projects, to keep up the momentum of learning and practice and creating. Every day a page in your sketchbook should be filled with quick sketches. And each week - at least - a new study piece should be completed, or at least part of it, if it is large. Keep up the good work.