Sonntag, 8. Mai 2016

Mother's Day Flowers

On that day that I was in a funk and needed to create something with that pile of fabric... I made flowers.  Fabric flowers with beads in the center, not even remotely realistic, lover of botany though I am.

The two flowers above became gifts for my and my husband's grandmothers.  I sewed bar pins on the back so that they can pin them onto a jacket or blouse or bag and mailed them off with flowery (not handmade) cards.  

In the background behind those flowers, you can see scraps of paper.  I had printed out some Happy Mother's Day coloring pages for my children to color and send to their grandmas.  Eleanor scribbled colored hers so nicely with lots of colors (not black)... and then promptly cut it into a million pieces. She apparently felt her art was finished that way and that was all.  Evan started to color, but then was more inspired to craft a backhoe from toilet paper tubes, so nothing from him.  Andrew colored one nicely and I included it with the gift I sent to my Mom. 

For my Mom I made lots of flowers (seven, actually, according to her number of children)... then had to do something with them.  They sat around for a week or two until I was inspired to put them on something.

My sweet mother has graciously received hand-made gifts from me quite regularly since I was big enough to hold a pair of scissors.  I hope she hasn't kept them all because she would probably have a pile.  Whether or not they are really beautiful doesn't matter, she is always thankful and glowing in her praise.  

I realize that these flowers are not exactly bright, cheery and colorful, but I was thinking of the colors she enjoys and has used to decorate her bedroom and bathroom.

In a similar vein I made this as a wedding gift for my uncle who got married over the weekend.  I guess I was going for "folk art" meets "shabby chic" and it was fun to create a little something.

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  1. These are so, so pretty, Katie!
    I could not imagine your Mother NOT keeping all the lovely things you make.
    They are special gifts. And I love the fabrics.