Freitag, 20. Mai 2016

More Travel Pictures, In the Castle

Enter the CASTLE. Actually, you need to go here to get your ticket. You are already within the castle walls.

Today Thomas took Daria to see a castle, her first. It was Lenzburg, which most of you have seen. Maybe she will show her pictures sometime. Until then -
Following are some pictures from the interior of the Gruyere castle.

In the main courtyard is this small church. Every castle had one.

The very old interior with fresco remnants.

Precarious stairs

Walking on the walls

Overlooking the formal garden

The "backyard"


Somebody's personal vision of a crane. Think: re-purposed materials...

A hitching ring on a wall, saying, "Horse, be still or else..¨"

The interior courtyard

The kitchen with huge fireplace and roasting spit. Note the thickness of the walls, from fireplace to window.

A contraption to turn the meat spit over the fire by weights, so the kitchen boy doesn't have to hand turn it.

Behind the kitchen was the knights' room, which sounds a little risky to me, what with food and kitchen maids on the other side of the wall.

A battle scene, with which this castle had to do. The Burgundians were being aggressive.

A hallway with ornamented chests and - do you see the glass case on the right wall in back?...

It had this .....

.... for this. Yes, real.
From which one goes into the dining room -

Not jolly cupids there. Hand painted wall decorations from medieval times.

In a different room, from the 1800's, the walls had lovely delicate paintings.

- well, sort of delicate.

Crystal chandeliers all over

The count's bed...(quite short actually)... his bedroom

In one large room was a collection of fantasy paintings all having a depiction of the castle someplace in them - thus.

And thus

 A bedroom for My Lady with bird paintings

A later private resident was a sculptor

The Medieval dining room with neo-gothic murals of the history of the place

A random stone carving holding up a beam

And thus endth the tour of Gruyere, with t

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