Samstag, 28. Mai 2016

Masters School of Art Year End Exhibit

The school year is over and the final exhibit by the art school students was quite a show. Here are some highlights-

                    College level drawing class. Leah's sitting girl and Sarah's puppy and kitten.

                                              Portrait class, 13-17 years old (yellow stickers)

                                          Animal drawing class (13-17 yo). Peter's doggie.






                                                                Color Pencil 13-17 yo

                                            Color Pencil 12 years old and under (red stickers)

                                       Peter's first ever colored pencil work. Great job, Pete!

                  Samuel's colored pencil. Lots of pretty colors. Good work on a difficult subject.

                               A colored pencil by a 15 yo. I'm pretty sure this will win a prize.

                                                  Pen and ink illustrations, college level

                                                              Pen and ink, age 16

                                                   A photoshop work. I love this one.

                                                         A large water color, college level

                                                                    Watercolor, age 11 !!!

                     Watercolor. Great reflections in the chrome headlights. (13-17 yo I believe)

                                                      Watercolor, age 15. How beautiful.

                   Samuel's first acrylic still life. I love the colors and light reflections. Good job!

Leah's acrylic still life. She didn't get to spend as much time on it as she wanted so rushed at the end. But still a lovely work.

                                                   Paintings by 12 years old and under!

                                                           A Swiss mountain scene!

After the fine art exhibit there was a program that highlighted the works of other classes such as filmmaking, Lego animation, Adobe Flash (a lot of great stuff in that one), musical theatre, lyrical dance, and choir. Peter did the piano accompaniment for "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" by his vocal technique class. He did a great job in front of hundreds of people.


I hope you enjoyed seeing the fine work by the students of this Christian art school teaching in the classical techniques.


  1. Those are all really impressive!

  2. Very much agreed with you, Katie. Huge congratulations to all the students for fine work. Thanks for letting us see.