Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

Some Old Exercises

Our finals are entered now at school, ready for the revue, so we thought we'd share some previous exercises from the classes.

From Leah --

Here's one of the first exercises in Portrait class. So fun! I love eyes!

This is an exercise in Color Pencil class that I did before I worked on my final.

Here's an exercise from Color Theory. I love the apples!

From Sarah --

Eyes and noses from Anime class.

Color Pencil bird on black paper. Really fun. I'd never tried black paper with pencils before this.

Negative space practice in Drawing 101. That was really interesting, and something I hadn't heard of. And yes, I free-handed the box around the picture instead of using a ruler, which is why it's so crooked. Haha. :)

Blind contours (Lego Movie characters here) were something we did as a warm-up and for homework in drawing class. The idea was to get your eye used to following shapes and outlines, and to switch into right-brain mode for increased artistic thinking. You closed one eye (or not) and looked at your subject/reference while moving your pencil on the paper. If you had to look down at your drawing, you had to stop making marks until you looked away again. We were usually timed. These were done in fifteen seconds each.

It's hard to believe classes are really over! It was a lot of fun, and I definitely learned many things. We'll try to get some pictures at the revue and show the other finals next week.

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  1. These are good exercises and would be beneficial for anyone. Your results are quite beautiful. We look forward to seeing something of your final showing. Thanks for sharing.