Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2016

Deluxa Before and After

You know that Tiny Tale I wrote for a sample? It did not have the illustration due to technical difficulties.
Well, I told Sarah Y that I would post mine if she would post hers. She wrote her own Tiny Tale and will present it next Tuesday, illustrated!

In the meantime, here is our little princess Deluxa, before and after Papa's talk. 

Oops, I forgot to size the picture before transferring it. Anyway, this was a quick midnight sketch on a scrap of note pad after I wrote the story
This is the reformed Missy Deluxa  in a sketch I did tonight, also after midnight. Let's look forward to Tuesday's Tiny Tale.
The format and story sample were posted on July 7th, if you want to go back to read it.
And write and illustrate your own....


  1. Aw, just because she is reformed of her former extravagance doesn't mean she has to wear black...

  2. It is merely to show that she got a conservative job - I remember I had to wear black and white for a catering job I had umpteen years ago. But maybe that doesn't happen any more?

  3. Oh, well yes, that does make sense.

    I was just teasing, anyway. :-D

  4. She does look a bit Puritan though....

  5. That is the point. All art is exaggeration, comic art more so. In this particular case though there is something of a twist to the ostensibly Puritan look, in that her mane is only barely contained , she wears stylish half-boots, a short skirt, and relatively body -hugging clothes, so she is no Puritan.

  6. Yay! Really cool. I love her shoes in both drawings, haha.