Sonntag, 24. Juli 2016

Looking at Old Things

Our Away Time was focused on looking for some furniture pieces. To do that we go to Brockenhaüser, which are re-sale shops - what you would call flea markets. You can find all sorts of things in them, some good things, lots of junk, and occasional treasures. We were looking for the latter. Out in the countryside these places sometimes look like museums.

Take a look:

A painted cabinet in the rustic style, probably a century old

An Armoire
In a small town on our hunting trip

A turn-of-the-century Buffet from a grand hotel

A butter churn, spinning wheel, chest, etc.

Many people do not want Grandma's old china anymore....

A sewing corner

Bed frames
A large Corpus, probably from an old church

And these days we can get plastic wares from Walmart, so who needs this old stuff?
(Oops, forgot to size this picture before transfer) Note the cake testers. I wouldn't have noticed them but for Katie's post.
Miniature farm implements carved in wood
Overflow in the attic
A nursery display

All available for anyone who still likes old things
 Still to come: the countryside.


  1. Another advantage to having a teeny tiny house - one doesn't feel too needy for big, beautiful furniture like that buffet. I love that style of cabinetry.

  2. Such cool things! I always enjoy looking around in shops like that... I can't get over the elaborate painting on some of the furniture... wow.

  3. My favorite place for excursions! That furniture is incredible. Please tell me you bought at least one of them.

  4. Actually, Pam, we are measuring for fit for one item. What we did end up leaving with that day was old books - wouldn't you know.

  5. OH! that buffet! LOVE... so much love.