Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2016

Tiny Tales

New Concept Here

Following is a format for a tiny tale. It has all the elements of a proper story, just in abbreviated form. As you read it, try filling in the blanks with any story you know (like Rapunzel or David and Goliath or Great Expectstions), and you will see it works.

The reason for it is to collect some interesting ideas from you, for subsequent illustrations.

Some color
SO - you can write your own Tiny Tale. Illustrate it if you like, or send it on to be illustrated. You can give the format to your children or Grandma or neighbors or mailman and ask for a story to send  here. Do keep the given format, embellishing as you like or kept terse as you wish. These could be amusing for long car rides. They could be joint efforts, or pass-around-sentence-by-sentence efforts. 

Here is the format, for you to fill in the blanks:

Tiny Tale

Once upon a time (when) in (place), there lived (the hero/heroine). Most unfortunately, because of (reason), it happened that (state problem). For (length of time), (hero/heroine) (suffered with the problem). Then one (day/year/time), when (circumstance), a ( villain) (offers a solution). Oh, joy! (Action takes place.) But sadly, (consequences of action), until (extreme results). Finally though, after ( different action), (hero/heroine) (gets reward) and (he/she/they) lived (emotion) ever after.

Here it is filled out, for an example:

Once upon a time, just last week in fact, in a house nearby yours, there lived a gloriously beautiful girl named Deluxa, who thought she was a princess in disguise, and so did her Papa, without the disguise part. Most unfortunately, because of the vagaries of life that did not bestow bounties of disposable income on princesses in disguise, poor Deluxa had no hairdresser or maid or milliner or manicurist. For years she suffered with this affliction, sweetly asking Papa to supply that sore lack, but he simply said he was not a king and couldn't, which made it an odd thing, for how then could she be a princess, unless she were adopted, which she could not bear the thought of, so she tried not to solve that riddle. Then one day, on a Thursday, just before Friday when one has to go to a ball and must, simply must, have certain necessities to appear properly before ones public, and when no hairdresser or maid or manicurist was at hand, and worst of all, when all her nail polish simply looked hideous, a little imp put a daring idea into Deluxa's head, that would save the day. Oh joy, Deluxa could appear in public without shame. She slipped down to Papa's nightstand where he deposited the contents of his pockets after work, and borrowed one, just one, item from one folding element - for princesses have privileges. The ball was heavenly. But sadly, after-the-ball was not, for Papa seemed not to understand the nature of princess privilege, and instead of roaring so she could ignore him with royal disdain, he spoke very quietly about very big words, until her head ached and she almost wanted to flee to the forest, for Papa said that his princess, yes, a princess, must go out into the dirty world to .... Oh it is fearful to work, with her own fair hands to labor, until the item was restored and further princess necessities were procured by ......oh, it was hard to grasp... by her, she would not say the word, no matter how much she had to do it. Finally though, after ....well, you know.... Engaging in that menial labor, with her own fair hands, Deluxa found, at first to her horror, that she did not mind hobnobbing with the peasants, or even getting filthy lucre from them for her time among them - in fact, she quite grew to anticipating with pleasure going out in the morning to engage in activities with them - though, of course, she would not be so low as to say so, though she was always scrupulously polite and charming with them, so she and Papa too lived quite amicably ever after.
The End

(The illustration was to go here ,but would not transfer, so it will appear later.
Have some flowers instead.)



  1. Nooooo!! I want to see the sketch!!

    Great writing!

  2. I am working on it, it will just be late.
    Stories from your boys?

  3. I tried again to add the illustration, but no luck and almost lost all this, so I will wait for help.

  4. Hilarious story! I'll have to see if I can come up with one.