Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016

Bearly There


The little bits you saw yesterday have come together to make this.

Put eyes on. Attaching head here, then appendages via t-pins and washers.

Then making some accoutrements.

He is a little artist, all splattered up after lots of creative belabouring.

As it happened, I had had all kinds of little problems at the end of this project, too. The crackle would not crack. The gloss was too shiny. Some proportions did not appeal to me. But, I did this and that and decided it was enough.


  1. Aw! Cute!

    And I know there are some readers here (or many) that need to know when things don't work out exactly (italics or underline) as you intend ( which is about 97.4% of the time) there is "this and that and decide it is enough. Onward." Yes, indeed.

  2. Initially I only saw the top third of the first photo and wondered what sausages had to do with crafts... It's lunch time; I guess I'm just hungry.