Freitag, 8. Juli 2016

Small Progress

Forward Motion

As I mentioned before, I am trying to work on some on-line craft classes. Around a busy summer, I have made bits of progress. This week my long-awaited materials for torch-fired enameling finally came in the mail. So I spent that day learning that entirely new-to-me skill.
This is torch firing enamel on copper shapes. They get to red hot, at which point I dip them into the powdered enamel, then repeat. You can see the three moon shapes the right of the photo, my less-than-auspicious beginnings. But with practice the coverage began to get more consistent and smooth.
Other Progress

(No pictures this time for obvious reasons)
And today a newly returned son made sure I resumed scooter riding lessons. I now know how to turn the thing on (Son replaced screw driver method with key method, just for me) - which goes: key, choke, hold brake, turn switch, and don't mix up the order - take it off the stand (pull harder, Mom), get going (it goes when the brake is off, not on..... Oh), get around a turn-around, and turn it off (that I had to figure out with no help: think, Mom). Today I went 25 k/h, for at least a of couple seconds. The rest was 12 or so, but I think I made progress. And I made a guardian angel figure for my new key.
Speed protection, you know.

I think all my pictures are side ways, but I don't know what to do about that.


  1. Ha, it reminds me of the story in East of Eden where the main character bought one of the first Model T Fords and learned to drive it with his sons. It was all very complicated and they had absolutely NO frame of reference for anything, driving cars being a new phenomenon and all. That whole section of the book was totally hilarious.

  2. Driving scooters is a totally new phenomenon for some of us.

  3. Oh, that key does actually fit a vehicle! I thought... I don't know what I thought. There's definitely no mixing it up with any of my keys, though.