Freitag, 15. Juli 2016

Pillow Project

Back Home

London was nice and, if you like, I can share pictures (let me know), but I needed to put in some hasty time to finish a project for last day of internet classes. Here is a look. Thank you to Daria for the photos.

This class was called "French Wedding Globe. " Mine has no globe. The idea was to make something reminiscent of  a customary memento holder with symbolic elements. At the base of the interior circle are representations of the four seasons, and the word  LOVE. The pillow is made from a beautiful piece of silk brocade that I found at a special fabric shop. The rest of the fabric wants to be a full size pillow, I think.

This is another version with a mirror behind the circle,  and the wreath on the pillow.
The bird holds a tiny wreath that the instructor included as a gift when I ordered the materials kit. She asked me to include it, which I happily did.

These are paper flowers of text paper (which I did not make) and silk ribbon and bead flowers (which I did make).

I had no access here yesterday, and didn't get back until midnight, which is why I could not post here. Next comes house cleaning and all that after-trip stuff. Let me know if you want to see something of London.

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  1. Wow, that is so different and unusual. Lovely too. For some reason Fabrege comes to mind (only if you hand made every detail of course).
    Peruse London from afar? But of course!