Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2016

Update, quick!

An update from Oregon because I'm feeling capable. I have spent the day preparing for an out of state trip and for the first time I am done packing and ready before a decent bedtime. All I have left to do is make some sandwiches for the airplane. So......let me throw some photos up here!

First, here is an answer for my riddle of when you need to drive out of Washington through Canada to get back to Washington-

Last weekend's wedding included a ceremonial cutting cake with a "carved" monogram-


And berry cheesecakes-


As well as seventy servings of berry shortcakes with whipped cream (no photos but lots n lots of berries!)

I was so very, very happy to discover this lily blooming in my yard! I cut it and brought it inside to count the blooms....nine!


Sarah asked to see my hydrangeas. They are blooming next to my patio. The two plants here were given to me six or seven years ago by my son for Mother's Day (because I was longing for hydrangeas and he fulfilled my wish)


They made a lovely background for a table set for guests-

The tablecloth came from Provence when Katie and I traveled there years ago from Switzerland.

The guests were a bridal couple with their parents and friends who came to taste cakes and pies in anticipation of their wedding in September. They were a jolly group.




Our giant cherry tree is ripe for picking. See the boy high up there. We processed 44 quarts of cherries. Please come and pick the rest. I hate to see so many going to waste.


And finally- something creative.....I sewed the final seam, the last piece, onto Sarah's quilt- 

                                                            A border of stars

It is now in the hands of a quilter to have the quilting stitches put in. I will finish the binding after and it will be complete!



  1. Pam, you are a marvel with all you accomplish. I loved this post and I am glad you were not up all night preparing for your trip -as moms usually do.
    That quilt - what can I say but that it is a treasure. Love those borders, too.
    Thanks for the horticulture pictures. I think we will be right over after lunch to help pick your cherries....
    Your hydrangeas are beautiful. as are the nine! Lilies (Maria, note what you are working toward), and that table cloth, and always the gorgeous cakes. Do you ship? Sigh. Or, better, come over for tea.

  2. Love it all. Wish I could come hang out in your garden for a while (or the whole summer).

  3. Mmm, cherries. And cakes. And flowers. What a great post.