Samstag, 9. Juli 2016

Italy, Wedding Day

These Italy photos should get finished, because other things are coming up. So here are a few from the day of the wedding, for which the whole trip was intended.
In the morning we visited some citrus groves and the processing center for all the lemony things made there.

Lemons, lemons everywhere and in everything, from pasta, to jams, to soaps, to drinks, to candies, to designs on pottery, to honey, and more.

Going to town

Entrance to citrus groves, with ceramic mural
This tree actually had both lemons and oranges on it - interesting grafts.

Would you like a taste of our Limoncello? Yes, Indeed. And some lemon candies.
Mary's hand - the fruits were huge.

Ready for distribution - lots of lemony things

in the groves were these very large bottles at the base of trees - we don't know why
Then, onward, though some parks, toward the beach.

A fascinating tree root system
A good tree for sitting, if one had leisure for such
Many, many, many steps down the city walls to the level of the beach- the high point you see here was half way.
The beach on the Bay
 Then it was mid day and time to dress for a wedding.

The ladies at the villa

Where one has a wedding in Sorrento - the courtyard of a monastery church

Where one has a wedding cocktail hour, before going inside this hotel for the reception

A rose for ones cocktail hour

Ones place setting at the reception
Ones view at the reception

As the sun sets over the Bay
 May they live happily ever after.