Samstag, 16. Juli 2016

More London

This trip, for me, was to visit museums. We did - several. First was the British Museum.


It has quantities of important works from all over the world, gained in a myriad of ways. This  piece, below, is some two and a half millennia old. Look at the skill and knowledge of anatomy and movement and expression.


Some are with their heads still (thieves are wont to hack off heads to sell to collectors).


And many, many are without.


Pieces are in fine wrought gold....

....or the original mixed media....


....or wood ( this is less-than-palm-sized, carved of one piece, for devotions ).....


....or huge stones. This is part of the Parthenon frieze fron the Acropolis in Athens. The Greeks desperately want it back, but had made a deal with the Brits when the Turks ruled Eastern Europe  and the Brits are standing by it.


This museum is well worth the visit. Your art and history books are seen in person.


After which one eats Japanese soup, with chop sticks and a wooden ladle.

Further to follow.