Freitag, 29. Juli 2016

Painted Layers

Cover Boards

Yesterday I was working on cover boards for one of my class projects, and happened to start communicating with my sisters via electronics. I sent a picture of the painted fronts I had just done (see how technologically advanced I am now!), and got the response, "How did you do that?"

So for the backs, I took pictures of the same steps I had done to show them - and now you.

These were the outsides of the front and back covers, to that stage. When they were dry, I turned them over to paint the insides:
The process started with two colours of paint brushed on the MDF boards (like Masonite)....
.....then with burnt umber added, and let dry...
.....after which some white was applied with a card (like a credit card)....

.....scraping hard to cover the boards very thinly, and letting the under coat show through in areas...
.... after that dried (it helps to have a hot day and acrylics), I applied thin strokes of other colours....
... also applied with the plastic card, overlapping some places to blend....

.....when that was dry, I added stencilling through "sequin waste" with a brush for dot patterns....
.... thus....
.....when dry, stencil on a larger pattern with structure paste/modeling paste....

----using a palette knife. Remove stencil promptly (wash), and let all dry.

Afterward, add some thin acrylic color wash over stencilling.
(Sorry I could not turn these.) The front cover was then further embellished with the epoxy clay flowers and leaves I made earlier this week, and some brass stampings, from which I removed the gold look by firing in a torch. This still will get more work, so I will show you more when I have more.
And from Daria's hands -

A few more jewellery pieces added to her collection (with nice photography)

We went to a nearby Brockenhaus today for Daria to get a couple of things, and I ended up with these.  The one on the right is for table scraps.
More to come sometime on projects. Keep yours coming too.
Best wishes on your weekends.


  1. Well I hope you told them girls to look at your dadgum blog and find out about your creative projects.

    I can't tell what size those pots are. But I love them.

  2. The pots are smallish, maybe 7" tall.

  3. Ooh, I love those boards! That stencil/paste (I've been using plaster) technique is my new favorite. Such a great look!

  4. I think it will be good for our class. I have finally started the videos, and hope to begin projects soon.