Samstag, 2. Juli 2016

The Little Bits

As the lady  from Australia says in one of my on-line classes, "We are doing this and that with all our little bits," and trying to get them together to become something finished. That is what I was working on today. I had hopes of something finished, but have not yet.

So, for those who asked what I am working on, here are the bits and pieces.

This is on its way to being a little jointed bear, with something different....
Those white fabric parts had a stiff coating put on them, which was painted and then crackle medium added (freshly applied here, and I am hoping it does not stay that shiny).
Hmmmm... now what could this be for? The fabric is a gorgeous silk. I hope the results will be worthy of it.
These, at least some of them, will go with the fabric piece above.
And guess what is in season now.

The area around the Rigi is a centre for growing cherries. They have over a hundred varieties. Some are for eating, some for baking, and some distilled for Kirsch, of which there are at least a couple dozen flavours.
I wish you all a good weekend. Outside our house now at 10:30 p.m., we hear the firecrackers over the city of Zurich for the ZuriFäscht. It is every three yesrs and draws a Million and a half people. The Swiss Air Force has been flying in formation over us for their daily air shows. We did not go to the city. Today some of my family went up the Rigi in the rain, with a guest. Others are sweltering in Distant Lands.
Wherever you are, I hope it is pleasant.


  1. It's so surprising to me to see you doing these crafts. You've broken away from the fine art. Glad you're exploring others things.

    We are picking cherries here too, as well as blueberries. It can be difficult to squeeze into everything else going on around here. I came across a photo today of Stefan pitting cherries for me when he was here.

  2. These little crafts are various things I have wanted to try all these many years and had no time for. I am taking time now, probably mostly to say I did, for the experience of making these, because life goes by and one ought to take time to do those things which call to you. These do to me. I am most certainly not giving up the fine arts, but merely awaiting the space in my life (for various reasons) to focus on them next. I have so many ideas to work out, but am attending to them bit by bit. While these little things I have been doing do not seem either practical or maybe worthy of time, for me they are small ways of exploring other ways than I have done of working with color and form and layers and even reality. This will influence my paintings. I am looking forward to that.
    We are eating our cherries, so maybe no pitting here for now.