Dienstag, 19. Juli 2016

Doll Clothes

We were woefully uncrafty this week, with one of our little brothers in the hospital diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and getting called in to work extra -- the most we've ever been called in this month. But I did make some little doll clothes with the younger girls... something I haven't done in YEARS. It was fun, but also disappointing when things didn't come out right. Haha.

Here's a picture of the sad outfit I put together...

And Bethany cut out what they call a "CD skirt". (Because it looks kind of like a CD when it's flat.)

Have a great week!


  1. Oh, Sarah, I am sorry for your brother's condition. Best wishes to all your family. Thank you for sharing your handwork despite the upheavals in your week. And I think the outfit you made is spiffy.

  2. So, ladies, what do you thinks of Katie's re-design of this site? She says she welcomes input and suggestions. I wrote her with my opinions.... yours?

  3. I like the design of the masthead and the water color background but I'm not fond of the color combination.

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  5. Thank you for the well wishes! My brother is doing better, back to his goofy self and getting used to things.

    The redesign is AWESOME! The colors seemed indeed a little strange, however... guess I was just so used to the greenish theme. :)