Montag, 9. Januar 2017

Beginning Brush Work

Inspired By Katie

We two Sarah's started some practice on brush lettering today.

First, I found resources: letters, practice sheets, stroke breakdowns.

Then I did NOT practice long and slowly, but Sarah W. is doing that beautifully.

But I did write down the idea. Does that count? (It is like writing a list of what one has to do, then breathing a sigh of relief that all that can be forgotten, because it has been thought about and noted.)

We looked at some calligraphic ornamentation, and found that inspiring.

I have not decided whether I want to invest the time to perfect this skill, or just to stay with chisel tip pens, but we will see as we progress. It does take considerable amounts of patience and practice.


  1. What fun! And I'll agree it does seem a rather daunting hobby.

  2. Great start!

    I am currently doing a daily letter challenge on Instagram-- going through the whole alphabet, one letter per day. I'll try to do a post with some of those. It is very different from traditional calligraphy and takes a lot of practice. I'm always so stunned by the artists who do it really well.