Samstag, 28. Januar 2017


A few people said in no uncertain terms that this blog must go on, so let's try again.


If you would like a Valentines contest (including a part for boys who don't like girly stuff), leave a reply.

Heart Pocket

Take a piece of paper - it doesn't have to be the advertisement circular in front of you, but that works, too - and cut a piece two squares long.

Fold in half lengthwise.

Fold in half crosswise.

Fold one half down the middle line.

Fold the other half down the middle line to meet the first half.

Turn the whole thing over so you see the "pocket."

Fold the top outside corners inward, leaving some flatness on the top.

Finish with some decorative elements to hold the corners down and the middle together. Put something nice in the pocket and give it to someone special.


  1. Yeah Sarah ;-)I decided to look just to see and we are baaaack!
    So glad. I like the heart idea. Will do it :-)